Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Darkest Hour

Almost a great post apocalyptic alien invasion movie. Two software designers Sean and Ben from America travel to Russia to sell their new invention. When they arrive they find out the company who wanted to buy their software turned around and stole their idea.They decide then to visit a Russian nightclub. There they meet two girls Natalie and Anne. The nightclub loses power and the people flock to the streets to see what's happening. Out side they are encountered by strange lights that turn out to be an alien invasion. The four of them then go into hiding and must team together to try and survive the alien attack.

 When I first saw the trailer for this one I wanted to see it. I missed seeing in the theater and after watching it I'm kind of glad I did. The movie starts out great and really kept my attention but then really just fizzles out as it goes. The story has been done before but it has some original twists to the aliens. The special effects are really well done in this. It's mostly CG effects but a lot of it is so good you can't really tell it's CG. Having the aliens be invisible also really added to the tension in the movie. I also enjoyed the special effects used when the aliens fried people into ashes. The ashes gave a extra eerie feel to some of the great looking post apocalyptic scenes. I really was enjoying this till about the last 30 minutes of the movie. I'm not sure if it was just bad writing or if they killed off too many characters to early. It has a lot of action and tension up until the last 20 minutes or so then it just fizzles out. The slow weak ending turns this from possibly being a really great post apocalyptic alien invasion movie into a half decent movie worth a watch.

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