Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Wicker Tree

One weird mess of a movie. A born again Christian couple travel to Scotland to spread their gospel door to door. At first they are shunned by people in the city. But they are soon greeted with kindness and invited by Sir Lachlan Morrison to the village of Tressock. Thinking the people want to here more about Jesus the couple travels along. Only to find out their naive innocence gets them in trouble.

The original The Wicker Man is a huge favorite of mine. When I heard the original director Robin Hardy was writing and directing this I was curious to check it out. I wasn't expecting much at all with this hearing a lot of bad reviews. Also The Wicker Man is an amazing movie which is not an easy movie to live up too. So I can't really say I was disappointed with this movie. What I got to see here was a really weird mess of a movie. It's the same basic story of the Wicker Man told a little differently this time around. It has alot of dark humor poking fun at religion mixed with elements of horror and alot of weirdness. Some of  the camera shots are really cool, strange and interesting. There are also some really strange creepy scenes through out the movie mostly towards the end. But over all it's just a mess where nothing really works as a whole to well. I really can't say it was horrible and I hated it or anything. But it's also nothing great or even close. It's definitely worth seeing once just for it's weirdness but don't expect to much here you will be very disappointed.

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