Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boy Wonder

This is a brilliant Indy psychological thriller. One of those movies that you can't say to much about with out ruining anything. So I'm going to keep this short. As a kid Sean witnesses his mother brutally murdered right in front of him. He grows up obsessed with finding out who his mother's killer is.

There is really something wrong with the entertainment industry when a movie like this doesn't get a wide theater release. I wasn't sure what to expect with title and was more then surprised. This was just great all around. The story is gripping it pulled me in from the beginning and just wouldn't let go. It keeps you thinking through out the movie just wondering and itching to find out what is going to happen next.The cast was excellent some great acting from every one in this. Caleb Steinmeyer's role as Sean was just flawless and powerful. The fight scenes were also well done and very believable. I really can't say enough to give this movie the justice it deserves. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys good movies! 


  1. Hmm I actually never heard of this one. I'll add it to my never ending list of movies I've yet to watch.

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  2. I'm always looking for independent, obscure genre fare. I'll add it to my list like Grimm up there.

  3. Hope you both enjoy it thanks for checking out the blog!