Friday, June 1, 2012

The Return of Doctor X

This is the suppose to be sequel to Doctor X starring Humphrey Bogart in his first and only role in a horror film. It really has nothing to do with the first Doctor X. So if you are planning on viewing these it really doesn't matter what order you watch them. A newspaper reporter Walter Barnett lands a interview with actress Angela Merrova. He arrives to the interview only to find her dead . After reporting the incident to the paper the actress then arrives the next day threatening to sue the paper.Barnett then looses his job over the matter. Determined to find out more about the strange happenings he teams up with a doctor and  decides to investigate. Only to find a connection between the actress and a strange doctor, and a group of murders in which the victims are drained of all there blood.

 I went into this movie not knowing to much about it which is why I'm trying not to give to much away about the plot. I think it helped me to enjoy it more. I loved the original story in this and the acting was just great. I heard Bogart never personally liked his role in this movie. But I thought he was very effective and creepy in his role in this. It made me wish he did more horror films in his time. I enjoyed this a little more then the first Doctor X but both of them were very enjoyable. I definitely recommend checking this out.

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