Wednesday, June 13, 2012

John Carter

Another theatrical bomb that turns out to be a better movie then most the blockbuster hits. Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs book A Prince of Mars Disney's John Carter is a fun ride. In 1868 a Civil War veteran John Carter is asked to rejoin the army. When he refuses to do so he finds him self imprisoned. Breaking out of jail Carter is chased by the army and then Native Americans. Finding refuge in a cave he runs into a strange man who attacks him. Killing his attacker he finds a medallion. Grabbing the medallion Carter is transported to a strange new world only to find himself in the middle of a war with it's strange inhabitants.
This was a really fun Sci-fi movie to watch. It has a really cool story and some amazing special effects. I also loved the great cast in this and it has some really good acting. It was cool seeing a ton of people I enjoyed from other movies and TV shows. I only wish they would have given Brian Cranston(Breaking Bad) a larger role in this. This movie was well worth checking out and a fun ride from beginning to end. It's a shame this bombed in it's theatre run I would love to see a sequel to this one. I definitely recommend checking this movie out!

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